Bridging worlds through DNA evidence

At DNA REFERENCE LAB INC, we understand your concerns about establishing biological relationships for immigration purposes.

We work very closely with U.S. embassies around the world to provide you with the quickest and most confidential means of establishing relationships to fulfill the embassy’s requirements.

We work with the embassies to establish a sample collection site for your loved ones overseas, where the samples will be mailed back to our main laboratory for quick and speedy analysis.

We can collect your samples here at our laboratory, or we can work with one of our collection sites across the country to have your sample collected and mailed back to our main laboratory for quick and speedy analysis.

We begin processing your samples once all samples are received and routinely deliver results in 3-5 business days, sometimes faster.

If the DRL determines that additional markers need to be tested, we test the extra markers FREE OF CHARGE at NO COST TO YOU.

After testing, we will mail the results to the embassy so they can complete your immigration process.

To begin, please fax us a copy of your INS-USCIS letter that contains a beneficiary’s or petitioner’s file number, names, and contact information for all individuals involved in the immigration case.

We will send a DNA sample collection kit to the appropriate office in your country. If one of the test participants resides in the USA or Canada, we will schedule a sample collection site with a convenient appointment time. To coordinate your case for sample collection, we have thousands of sample collection sites at both the national and international levels.

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