Discover the possibilities with our diverse array of services and unlock the mysteries within your DNA.

We Offer The Following Services

Discover our diverse array of DNA testing services designed to address your specific requirements.

blood inside a tube with a label of dna test

Forensic DNA Testing

Trust our precise forensic DNA analysis for accurate identification and investigative support.

a blood sample inside a small vial

Parentage and Relationship Testing

Uncover familial connections with our reliable DNA tests for parentage and relationship verification.

a hand on top of a fingerprint scanner

Immigration (INS)

Facilitate immigration processes with our accredited DNA testing services for legal documentation.

lab workers inside a laboratory

Molecular Diagnostic Testing

Access advanced molecular diagnostics for precise medical testing and treatment guidance.

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Ancestry and Ethnicity Testing

Trace your roots and uncover your heritage with our comprehensive ancestry and ethnicity DNA analysis.

drug screen blood vials

Drug Testing

Ensure clarity and compliance with our trusted drug testing solutions.